Warehousing Services

TLMOS has more than 10,000m2 of AAA warehouse space, capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements of quality and safety. This allows us to provide a wide variety of services for all kinds of products such as: chemicals, hazardous products, automotive, industrial, mineral, consumer, food grade, etc.

Warehousing services we provide:

All Inclusive Warehousing Services

At TLMOS we know that each customer is unique and understand their own particular requirements, so we design solution specially suited to fit your needs. Because of the complexity of these solutions, it is generally necessary to integrate several of our services, thus providing a complete solution to our customers.

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90% of deliveries made inside metropolitan areas need to be done in small vehicles. These vehicles provide access and flexibility, but are too expensive for long hauls. To help shippers with this dilema, we provide cross-dock and distribution services in all our locations. Now you can use the most cost effective mode of transportation from origin to any of our warehouses, where we will receive the goods, prepare outbound shipment carefully following your instructions, and deliver orders to your customers in a timely cost efficient way.

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Short-term Warehousing

Every supply chain has it's own particular set of requriments. In some cases, storage is needed only for a short period of time. For these instances TLMOS has established a short-term warehousing scheme. We have a wide variety of plans to suit your needs: By utilized area, day-by-day, by package, etc.

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Flexible Long-term Warehousing Services

Frequently shippers are forced to bare high fixed warehousing costs for sub-utilized warehouse space. With this in mind, TLMOS offers flexible long-term warehousing plans. This model is ideal for long-term operationsl with seasonal or variable volumes. Under this plan, customers pay only for the area they use on a certain month, keeping all theri privileges: Services & warrantied space, throughout the year, effectively optimizing high fixed costs into efficient variable costs.

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Dedicated Warehouse Space

Having your own warehouse is cumbersome, expensive and in most cases inefficient. If your supply chain requires a dedicated warehouse space, we can work with to assign an area of your choosing inside our facilites and dedicated exclusively for your operations. This warranties the required conditions for the safe warehousing and handling of your delicate products.

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Virtual Warehouses - Dedicated Operations

Conventional wisdom says that "The cobbler should stick to his task". Managing a warehouse requires a lot of time and resources, which are always in tight supply in any corportation. Let TLMOS worry about managing your warehouse needs so you can focus on growing your business. With our Virtual Warehouse service, we replicate your own dedicated operation inside our facilites. You will have all the benefits of having your own operation, including your own dedicated operations manager and customer service rep, without having to deal with the day-to-day logistic challenges that come with it.

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Inventory Control

We understand our responsibility to safeguard your most valuable assests. With that in mind, we have developed a full set of processes and controls to warranty full inventory control and monitoring. To help us with this task, we developed our own proprietary Operations Control System (S.A.C.O.) providing 24hr secure access via any internet connected device. You will have full visibility in real time of your orders and stock.

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