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Warehouse Services

TLMOS has over 80,000ft2 of AAA warehouse in total, divided in 5 separate warehouses located in three different cities: Mexico City, Puebla an Monterrey. World-class infrastucture enables us to provide a wide variety of services for all kinds of products such as chemicals, hazardous, industrial minerals, consumer, food grade, etc. with a strong emphasis en safety, security and quality.

Services provided are:

Complete Warehousing and Distribution Services

We understand that every customer is different with a unique set of requirements, so we specialize in taylor-made solutions. Given the complexity of these requirements, we usually need to incorporate several of our services to provide a complete solution to our customers who find in us the logistics partner they need to grow their Mexico business.

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90% of product deliveries are made in small vehicles to take advantage of their flexibilit. However, these vehicles are economically unviable for long distances. To solve this problem, TLMOS provides cross-docking services. This service allow shippers to send larger capacity vehicles to our facility where we will prepare and ship your order just in time in smaller vehicles thus optimizing your deliveries. This translates in increased service levels while reducing costs and risks, optimizing your supply chain.

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Short-term Storage

No todas Not all requeriments are the same, there are times when storage is needed for a specified period of time. For these occasions, TLMOS designed a flexible short-term storage plan. We have flexible plans that start at one square feet of storage space with time periods as short as one day.

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Long-term Storage

Often companies are forced to pay high fixed cost for infrastructure that is generally underutilized. To solve this problem TLMOS established its flexible storage long-term plan. This plan is ideal for continuous operations with variable or seasonable volumes. With this plan, customers pay exclusively for the space occupied during the month. This turns a fixed cost into a variable cost, thus optimizing total logistics costs.

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Dedicated Spaces

This scheme allow customers to have their own "Virtual Warehouse" inside our facilities at a much reduced cost. Dedicated spaces can be customized to customer needs. This customizations can include dedicated procedures, personnel and equipment.

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Inventory Control

We live in an world driven by information. At TLMOS we understand the importance of information and take it very seriously. All our operations are controled by our propietary inventory and operations control system called S.A.C.O. The system is accesible via internet and is equipped wiht a robust security structure. Customers can access the system with an ID and Password provided by TLMOS. This allows them to monitor operations and have real time inventory reports anywhere they are. We can also provide direct information updates, for customers who need information registered directly into the system.

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