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Railroad Services

Rail is an excellent choice to optimize the supply chain when handling heavy products or in large volumes. Unfortunately Mexico's poor rail infrastructure limits shippers ability to take advantage of rail's superior economics.

TLMOS Cuautitlan´s (Mexico City) Terminal can accomodate up to 40 railcars. Our rail docks allow for five concurrent operations.

TLMOS specially designed facilities, warranty the safe transferring of bulk liquids. Safety measures include dams both for the truck and the rail car as well as complete safety equipment such as safety showers, eyewash, fire extinguishers, etc..

We also have specialized equipment for handling all kinds of products: specialized pumps to handle different types of products, suction equipment for solids handling and leveling ramps.

Rail-to-truck Bulk TransferTransvase

TLMOS has a large team of experts in the safe handling of all types of products: solid, liquid, food grade, dangerous, etc.. Whom supported by facilities and equipment specially designed to the highest safety and quality standards, ensure full integrity of transfer operations.


TLMOS allows you to optimize your supply chaing by taking advantage of superior rail economics and combiningCross-dock it with the flexibility of over-the-road transportion for local deliveries. Additionally, TLMOS has 63,000ft2 of warehouse space in an unbeatable location, allowing shippers to efficently and effectively serve Mexico City's metropolitan area.




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