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Special Services

More often than not companies face special market requirements which by their nature are more convenient to outsource than performing them internally . We're talking about operations such as Tagged, re-packaging of liquids, presentation changes, promotions, etc..

Another reason to perform these operations with TLMOS, is to optimize your supply chain, by allowing you to ship the material in the most convininet presentation for the manufacturing site and re-packaging at destination based on market requirements. This way you benefitt from a superior long-haul rate by maximizing the amount of product loadedt. Additional to the cost benefits, this logistics scheme provides great flexibility by postponing the package presentation decision, to the time of sale, depending on what the market demands

Packaging of Liquid ProductsDrumming

TLMOS has a large team of experts in the safe handling of all types of products: solid, liquid, food grade, dangerous, etc.. Whom supported by facilities and equipment specially designed to the highest safety and quality standards, ensure full integrity of all packaging operations.


Dry bulk pacakging

TLMOS has the capability to package and re-package a wide variety of solid products. EnsacadoWe enable producers to deliver the product required by it´s customers regardless of the presentation required. Bring your product to Mexico in the presentation most convinient for your manufacturing facilities and we'll help you deliver in the presentation most desirable for your customers.




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