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Global Logistics

TLMOS has over 20 years of experience in the transportation of a wide variety of different products. We are connected to a world-wide network of forwarders, allowing us to offer you a solution for every route on every mode of transportation, air, sea or land, for any type of product.

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Intermodal solutions for Importing or Exporting to USA & Canada

Intermodal transportation offers big advantages to those importing or exporting goods to/from USA and Canada.
Additional to it´s superior economics, Intermodal offers advantages such as: Increased security, excelent safety record, superior transit time reliability, customs clearance at destination, equipment availability, etc.
With this service, the load at origin (Can be Mexico, USA or Canada) is picked up in a 53ft' container which is hauled over the road to the nearest intermodal ramp. At the ramp, the container is transferred from the truck platform on to a railroad platform. The container travels the long haul on a speciliazed train, crossing borders if necessary, to the closest to final destination intermodal ramp. There the container is again transferred from the rail platform on to a truck platform to be delivered bn a truck to it's final destination.

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Land Transportation from Point of Entry, Border or Port, to Final Destination

Taking advantage of our wide experience in local distribution, we are offering our customers competitive rates from/to point of entry to final destination.
It is a common practice among foreign suppliers to sell their products DAF (Delivered At Frontier) leaving the responsability, and problem, of importing and transporting the good from point of entry to their final destination inside Mexico to the importer.
If this is the case, we can help you design and implement the logistics model that best suits your needs. If by truck, Intermodal or consolidated TLMOS has the right solution for you.

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