Rail Services

Rail shipments are a great way to optimize long distance supply chains, specially when you are shipping large volumes or heavy products. Unfortunately, the rail infrastructure existing in Mexico is old and with very poor coverage. This limits the ability of international shippers to take advantage of the superior economics of rail logistics.

TLMOS has rail infrastucture to handle up to 40 railcars. We have operational space for up to 5 concurrent operations plus 35 holding railspots.

TLMOS infrastructure is designed to warranty the safe transfer of liquid products. Both railcar and truck spots are protected by a spill containment area, as well as speciallized fire extinguishers, safety shower, eyewash, etc.

We have dedicated transfer equipment for a wide variety of different products : Lube oils, food grade products, general chemical, etc.

Our highly specialized personnel undergoes constant training and scrutiny, to warranty the highest safety and quality standard.


Rail-to-Truck Liquid Transfers

TLMOS is the industry leader in the safe transfer of a wide variety of liquid products: General products, chemical, lube oil, food grade, etc. Supported by world class infrastructure and equipmnet, specially desgined and with the highest safety and quality standards to warranty the integrity of your product.


TLMOS allows you to take advantage of the superior economics of rail logistics by combining it with the flexibility of over-the-road last-mile deliveries. We can unload up to 5 railcars/day at our Cuautitlán facility. In addition our 10,000m2 of warehouse space allows you to efficiently schedule your final deliveries within the Mexico City Metropolitan area and the adjacent cities.

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